Necrotic Arteries

47 Minutes in Bungo-Bungo Hell with Necrotic Arteries: The Non-Interview

Necrotic Arteries

Eunice M.G.

Necrotic – relating to or affected by necrosis; “necrotic tissue.”

Arteries – muscular elastic tubes that form a branching system and that carry blood away from the heart to the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.

When I was first approached by Eric to join Karastahan, I was hesitant. To begin with, my primary creative outlets (or let’s just say punching bags), writing and drawing, were personal, or dare I say, selfish pursuits. I finish a rumination or a story, an image then I leave it be in the confines of my humble shoebox, satisfied. I don’t have this dire need to share what goes on in my grey matter not unless I’m on a mania-driven bender spouting asshole opinions on social networking sites or writing self-amusement slash fiction with all the hard trimmings (pun intended) for teenage girls. So, hesitant I was. However, I was curious of the whole deal because I’d like to witness how Albay’s creative types hone their craft. During the initial meeting, though, I have to actually rack my head for something to contribute. I don’t have Lester Bangs ambitions as well, being that weirdly socialized nut that I still am to this day. But then I thought, why not stage an interview with my friends? Death metal pundits Necrotic Arteries are a hardworking bunch and they have carved themselves a name in the local metal underground by now. Thus, these guys deserve to be heard and included in the annals of this region’s UG history.

The dudes of Necrotic Arteries go way back, from the noobs to the previous members. I have known these guys since the middle of the aughts, during the heydays of crust and grind, that sturm und drang phase between metalheads and punkers in local UG cesspool Guinobatan. NA guitarist Nel and former drummer Lindy were first approached by a mutual friend to join crust/grind outfit Ex-Grenade. Ex-Grenade imploded (pun intended yet again) and Catacombs of Displacer was formed; Harley on bass, Nel as guitarist, Francis as vocalist and Lindy as the drummer. However, internal conflicts would soon follow the group. Somebody got sacked, Rae from Bitchcraft was recruited to carry out low-end duties and the band decided to perform under a new name: Necrotic Arteries. The group played a handful of shows under the NA banner, one of which was a slot in an Infernal Curse gig in Manila. Personal decisions would then again hamper the lineup; Lindy decided to bow out of the group, and Rae followed. Eventually, bassist Paul and drummer Ares turned up to continue what the ladies of the band left off.

Truth be told, I have never seen the new lineup let loose their brand of death metal to the new generation of gung-ho bungo-bungo kids. However, I have respect and faith in NA’s new guys and as I have witnessed years before, the band is here to take part in the rock ‘n’ roll game for the sheer pleasure of well, playing extreme metal tunes they have an acute jones for. They love what they do, that’s why I love them back. And that’s why we’re still good friends churning out kulit and buntili whenever we find the time to hang out. Extreme music was our common denominator, and with that came heaps upon heaps of sweet, tremendously funny and brain-bleach level scene memories.

And that’s why this interview happened. As expected, no stones were left unturned and it’s not even attributed to the lone shot glass being passed around. It’s just Necrotic Arteries being their funny and unapologetic selves. See why these schmucks are, to paraphrase something from American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman, “just a bunch of happy campers, rocking and a rolling.”

A disclaimer though: The band, particularly Francis and Nel are notorious for their constant buntili. Flaming potshots. Raging bara. New drummer Ares is on the quiet and introspective side but don’t be mistaken because like the rest of the boys, he’s funny as well. Unfortunately, bassist Paul was missing in action so we never witnessed his own brand of buntili. Thus, you gotta read between the lines, decipher between the buntili shit, the sarcasm and the serious declarations of admiration (or spite) contributed by the band. Know these fuckers well and how? Read on.

Necrotic Arteries Tabaco City gig, new lineup. Nel on guitar, Francis on vocals, Paul on bass and Ares on drums.

Necrotic Arteries Tabaco City gig, new lineup. Nel on guitar, Francis on vocals, Paul on bass, and Ares on drums.

Necrotic Arteries Legazpi City gig: Fuck Off and Die. Old lineup with Rae on bass and Lindy on drums.

Necrotic Arteries Legazpi City gig: Fuck Off and Die. Old lineup with Rae on bass and Lindy on drums.

Necrotic Arteries Naga City gig: Metal Knights, old lineup.

Necrotic Arteries Naga City gig: Metal Knights, old lineup.

The Interview

Eunice: Was Necrotic Arteries the first name you thought of for your band?

Francis: Dae man..

Eunice: Ah, ano inot nindo na naisip?

Francis: Nabuo ang pangaran na Necrotic Arteries dahil sa nagpoon baga kami sa. Catacombs of Displacer. Nag-decide na kami na magbago ki pangaran dahil duman sa sarong tawong ito, iyu ang nagpuon kang pangaran nya, saiya itong pangaran. Nung nag-iribanan na kami, nagturugtugan na haloy na, garo, kami-kami na lang nag-harampangan sa tugtugan, naisipan mi na magbago na sana, ta iyu naman sana. Sadiri ming banda. And pangaran na ito kinua mi sa lyrics kang sarong kanta.

Nel: Actually death metal type ang ano mi kaya duman kami nakakua ning idea kaya naga-stick kami to death metal and then to brutal tas thrash to death.

Francis: Pero sakuya death metal –

Nel: More on death metal.

Francis: Pero and iba, ang paghiling samuya ang tugtugan mi brutal.

Nel: Same way kaya pag nagatugtog sya (referring to Francis), ang pag-vox nya. Although talagang hararumon, kaya minsan napag-anuhan kami brutal. Kaya in-emphasize mi na sana samuya brutal to death metal.

Eunice: How did you guys end up together? Who found who?

Nel: Straight Tabaco. Bale, su scene sa Tabaco, ano na talaga, kumbaga igwa ng scene sa Tabaco kaya nabuo kami.

Francis: Guinobatan to Tabaco.

Nel: Tapos parang gari—

Francis: Nagkabiristohan sa scene, arog kang “muya mo magkanta samo?” Yan na-agda nya ako (referring to Nel) one time nagahanap sya ki makanta, e di sige. Drummer ta si Lindy.

Nel: Previous drummer Lindy. Original drummer yan (referring to Lindy, who was with us during the entirety of this interview).

Francis: Ngonyan si Ares. Tapos sa original man na bahista, si Rae. Ngonyan si Paul.

Eunice: Pano nindo nakua si Ares tapos yung recent nindo na bahista?

Francis: Si Paul? Kinua mi sinda dahil syempre before pa kami magsiriblagan na magkabaranda, nag-ururon kami ta si Rae busy sa trabaho, tapos si Lindy busy sa—

Nel: Farmville.

Francis: Busy sa Farmville, tapos muya man daa magpahingalo syempre bako man kuta pilay gurang ugaring (laughter ensues).

Eunice: Maani yan si Lindy, ma-harvest yan eh.

Francis: Dae, mapahingalo daa, di syempre, sige kauronon mi. Kami man na duwa, as OG members of Necrotic, kaipuhan ming—

Nel: Ma-continue man giraray su banda. So drummer mi sa ngonyan, may mga iba-iba syang banda. Sessionist sya, tropa mi man lang.

Francis: Tabaco.

Nel: Bale su Kalbaryo and then Jesus Cry, pigakua talaga syang drummer.

Francis: Ah ito, ang mga banda na ito, tropa-tropa mi man.

Nel: Nabakante yung drummer ninda kaya nagrani ako saiya na nyako kung ano..

Francis: Tas ang advantage kaini ta puro na kami taga-Tabaco.

Nel: Oo. Saro man si Paul, sessionist man. Dae ko ngani aram kung talagang—

Francis: Kung ma-focus samuya.

Nel: Pero pigkahuron ko sya na nyako, “Men, regular ka sa Necrotic?” Pero dakulon kase saiyang nagkukua. Puro respeto saiya ta dae man ako nag-ano, naghirit na samuya ka lang. Kumbaga at least mabilog lang su Necrotic. Piga-ano ko lang samuya ma-continue—

Francis: So pangaran kang Necrotic.

Nel: Hanggang saen kami makaabot sa underground scene.

Francis: Hanggang may oras pang tumugtog.

Eunice: Okay. That’s it for question number 2. Number 3. What do you gays have in common?

Francis: HA?!

Lindy: What do you guys.

Eunice: (laughing) Yun. What do you guys have in common?

Francis: Parehas sain? Common as in? As in magkabaranda?

Lindy: Friends ngaya, arog kaan..

Nel: Jamming. Buntili.

Francis: Whoa.

Nel: Pag yaon so taga-Ligao, ramog ki buntili.

Francis: Pag yaon man so taga-Legaspi..

Nel: Attitude type!

Francis: Pero puro pirme na ang gana dyan taga-Tabaco.

Nel: Yan!

Francis: Yan pigasabi ko saindo.

Nel: Yan ang pirme ano kaan, attitude type. Tropa, jamming.

Francis: Buntili asahan mo.

Nel: Buntili yaon na an dyan. Kararawan lang. Kumbaga (cue dramatic voice acting skills) “Mapikon ka bahala kaaaaa.”

Eunice: Humibi ka sa gilid.

Nel: Yun lang, yun lang ano ko.

Eunice: What are your individual influences?

Francis: Individual? Une na kay Ares. So drummer mi, ta ini dakol talaga ining influence.

Ares: So Doom buda Kreator. And death metal man. Arch Enemy, melodic death. Naga-tugtog n talaga kami kaito ki death metal kang high school, yun yung inot kung banda na metal kan highschool. Ang pyesa mi kaito is Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse. So mga influences ko pala po Eunice: death metal, melodic death metal, black metal, glam metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, instrumental and jazz.

Francis: Bako man kita mga mauragon sa scene. Bako man kita so mga—

Ares: Sakto lang.

Francis: Bako man kita so mga klase ki mga metalon na pigasarabi, na ang iba pag metal, aram gabos, pero kita su aram ta sana. Bako kami elite.

Nel: Yes, bako kami elite. Once na black metaller ka, parang duman ka na lang.

Eunice: Mala-lump in ka duman.

Nel: Pangit. What I mean is syempre dae ako naglilingaw kang pinunan ko, although naga-sounds akong RnB.

Francis: Naga-wala ka ngane saindo.. Buyungon ang hayup.

Nel: Dae ako naga-deny kaan kase music is for the people.

Francis: The future depends on you.

(everybody laughs)

Nel: Nagpuon ako 1st year college ako. Sounds akong Altar, Deicide. Duman na ako nagka-influence kaiyan. True death metal.

Eunice: Sisay naka-impluwensya kaan saimo?

Nel: Jamming, pero kang nagkaigwa kaya kaito dyan sa… ano baya ito, Royal?

Francis: Sa Bichara?

Nel: Royal ito men. Nagkaigwa dyan ki mga underground, mga CDs, sounds, gabos. Parang duman kami nag-explore ki music. Although hardcore kami dati, since high school.

Francis: Ikaw lang. Dae man ako nag-hardcore.

Nel: Mga Victory Records, Earth Crisis, dae ko na yan ipadaog. The best para sakuya an Earth Crisis. Hanggang nahiling ko itong sa Royal, so Deicide, iyu na ito inexplore ko, so sounds ninda hanggang nag-stock ako ki mga underground scene na sounds.

Francis: Metalon ang hayup.

Nel: Be professional lang.

Francis: Ako pig-aapod na latebloomer, ang primero ko kaitong na-sounds na magabat na metal—

Nel: Cueshe.

(laughter ensues)

Francis: Trip ko kaito su Amorphis, The Karelian Isthmus, dae ko ito malingawan. Ang kasabay kang pagsubli ko kang tape na an Savage Garden. Mauragon baga itong lineup kang duwa.

(this elicits more laughter from the group, because hey, it was unexpected)

Francis: Dae, pakadangog ko kaito (Amorphis), nyako masabi, syempre aki pa gustong sabihon paarastigan. Maski dae mo nasabutan, maski dae mo naappreciate, syempre, mauragon.

Eunice: Pero nagustuhan mo man? Eventually?

Francis: Dae pa kaito. Dae pa. Nagka-tape ako kaito sinublian hanggang sa sunod-sunod na. Nagpuon na so paghuruhabas ki tape ta dae man pambakal…

(more laughter)

Eunice: Bako yan off the record ha!

Francis: Nauso baga kaito so harabasan tape.

Eunice: Iyo, erestafahan!

Francis: Iyo masubli ka dae mo na ulion. So Tribute to Euronymous, nagkaigwa man ako kaan. Pili lang mga muya kong kanta duman.

Eunice: Puro ata sya BM e.

Francis: Maluya man ako sa black metal. E di nagpili lang ako mga kanta duman tas duman na ako nagpoon magsounds, nagsunod mga Carcass etc.

Nel: Basta ang banda nya kaito Black Forest e. Cake gayud ito.

Eunice: Hahaha!

Nel: Nahiling mo ito so mga pigairimprintang Black Forest pero maurag ini pag mina-growl.

Francis: Cake ito, sa FC. Duman ako nagpoon hanggang sa nagderecho na. Sa ngana ang sounds ko mga country, oldies. Yan pipatugtog ko sa aki ko.

Nel: Glam.

Francis: Yan, glam. Ballads. Yan mga sounds ko ngonyan ta makulog na sa talinga ang maribukon.

Nel: (cue dramatic voice acting prowess) Susunod…?

Eunice: Why are you guys in a band? Do you do it for fun, money, as a creative outlet, or for chicks?

Francis: Ako? Diputa, elementary pa sana ako, iyu na talaga gusto ko, magkabanda. Saro sa pangarap ko magkabanda.

Lindy: All of the above, hahaha!

Ares: Daeng tapok.

Nel: Na-build-up na, okay na!

Francis: Iyo talaga muya ko man magka-banda. Talagang bako lang sa magka-perak ta syempre ta kung magkaperak man sana haloy ko nang hinabuan ta dae man ako nagkakaperak sa banda.

Eunice: Tama ka.

Nel: Kumbaga, samuya passion lang talaga.

Francis: Passion. Iyo man talaga hilig mi. As in “p” ha. P! Bako “f”.

Nel: Trip ang ano, dae kami.. Dagit kami sa pay-to-play, ah.

Francis: Pay-Per-View. Garo boxing na hayup.

Nel: Ang ano mi lang, ma-expose lang.

Francis: Nis, ining drummer ko. Ta syempre gurang kita digdi, aki pa ini, high school, influence na kaini metal. Naimpluwensyahan mi na ini buda tropa mi na nagabirisyo baga, na-impluwensyahan naman sya. Kasabay na yan.

Nel: Solo minsan! So hayup…

Francis: Ta bistado ko ini nahiling ko sya, high school.

Ares: Sakuya elementary pakadangog ko kang, ang impluwensya ko talaga si kuya, so tugang ko.

Francis: Ka-batch ko dati ito.

Nel: Sos, gusguson ka na palan men.

Eunice and Lindy: Hahaha!

Francis: Isu, garo man pira ang edad kang hayup.

Lindy: Hahahaha!

Nel: Sweet 27…

Francis: So mga former member dae mo aputon? Ta iba sounds kaini. Nagpuon sinda sa Bitchcraft.

Eunice: Lindz! Since yaon ka OG member.

Nel: Respeto, respeto man giraray sa original.

Eunice: (to Lindy) Ano yung pagbanda mo, outlet?

Lindy: All of the above…

Francis: Pati palan chicks nang-chi-chicks ka na!

Nel: Pero si Lindy.. Si Lindy the best iyan…

Francis: Ang hayup pag yaon digdi lilibak-libak mong hayup.

Nel: UY, BUA-BUA KA. Dae lamang akong tinaram kay Lindy. Bako an sa pagkahipokrito talaga. The best an si Lindy. Sabot gabos. Kaya minsan, sya lugod nagngungurob-ngurob sakuya ta minsan ako ang dae nakakasabot. May time kase na ako man, sobra pano pagpadaba ni Lindy, mabooton pano na tawo.

Francis: Garo na tribute na hayup sa gadan.

Nel: Bako man… bako man..

Francis: Muya ko isabay sina Lindy ta original member sinda. Si Rae.

Eunice: Sayang ngani wara si Rae.

Francis: Ta kung may oras sinda, hanggang ngayon kabanda mi sinda. Hanggang ngonyan naga-arampangan pa.

Lindy: Passion..

Nel: Iyu, passion.

Lindy: And outlet.

Eunice: Di ba Ex-Grenade ka dati? Kamo?

Nel: Yah, duman ako nakalaog. Kinua ako ni Harley.

Eunice: Ika ang nagbabaho?

Nel: Dae gitarista na ako.

Eunice: Ang nagbabaho si Kharl?

Nel: Iyo si Kharl. Duman ko namidbidan si Lindy.

Eunice: Dyan kita nagjaramming baya, nag-irinuman. Now I remember…

Francis: Tas duman ako kinua ni ano. Nagtaram si Modesto—

Nel: Basta ang pig-iinsist ninda sako kaito, pigapasounds akong Linkin Park. Dae joke lang yun. Mga banatan mi kaito, mga crust-grind.

Eunice: Okay next question. How would you describe your sound?

Francis: DEATH METAL!!


Francis: Iyo man sana. Next question.

Nel: We are a death metal band…

Francis: Ang saro sa mga habo ko, ang i-compare kami sa ibang banda. Yes, death metal lang talaga. Boto lang talaga.

Nel: Fuck shit ang racist.

Francis: Si Nel man, bad tumalsik ang pustiso..

Nel: Bago yan, tanga. Bago yan kaya baga pirme ako naka-smile. Bago an.

Francis: Kaya palan dae mo na nasasabi ang “s”.

Nel: Naka-retainer ako sa baba. Kaya medyo ang S ko, shangaw.

Eunice: Gabos ko yan i-include mga yaon dyan.

Francis: Okay lang! Sige lang.

Nel: Attitude!

Francis: ACHItude!

Eunice: Pirang words yan!

Francis: A-C-H-I!

Nel: May retainer ako yo, sa baba.

Francis: (shouts) ACHICHUDE!

Nel: (tries to talk by way of a lisp) A-chi-chuude.

(by now we’re all over the floor laughing)

Francis: Sige, next question.


Francis: Nag-sipilyo ka?

Nel: Sige, halat…

Francis: Habo na gayod kang brush..

Eunice: Who are the local/homegrown bands you admire?

Francis: Local? As in local na, taga-Bicol? Ako, gusto ko… kras ko…

Eunice: Sisay? Hahaha!

Nel: Ano, su, ano yan…

Ares: Local band.

Eunice: Digdi lang, digdi lang.

Francis: Ah okay.. .Ako inot. Ang muya ko saro sa mga natangadan ko na mga banda, Dark Dungeon, na tigasabi ninda mainstream daa pero diputa dae ko man tinuring—

Eunice: Mainstream sinda?

Francis: Dae, sa ibang mga nage-elite-elite-an.

Ares: Mga discriminators.

Nel: Discriminators…

Francis: Ano, Dark Dungeon saro sa mga nahiling ko, dae pa akong banda nahihiling ko na sindang magturugtog. And Ironclad, mga tropa. Tapos yan, Bitchcraft ta yan so mga tropa ko, alright? Yan, Kalbaryo, Jesus Cry mga tropa ko. Syempre i-idol mo mga tropa mo.

Nel: Ako naman… natropa ko kaito talaga so, parang nabistadohan ko man sana dahil duman sa sarong tawong ito, nabistadohan ko so Kamposton. Kampo Santo.

Francis: Kampo Santo, yan.

Eunice: Na-confuse ako nun hahaha!

Francis: Sabi pano ni bossing.

Nel: Si Jay na Kampo Santo, nabistadohan ko sya, magayonon so naging influence kang laog kang UG sakuya. Kaya duman ako namulat,. So uto ngani na pigtaram ni Buboy, so ano yan, Dark Dungeon.

Francis: Tinangadan.

Nel: Yaon na kami duman, Saludo kami kaiyan kase—

Francis: Sa ibang banda ngonyan na hayup. Pag-huna sinda na ang mauragon.

Nel: Kamposton, slash Kampo Santo, Dark Dungeon duman kami nagatangad sainda. Kaya yaon kami ngonyan, nakakasabay mi magtugtog. Maurag talaga. Maurag.

Ares: Krear Bathala. Pero primero Dark Dungeon. Tapos igwa pa, Catacombs.

Nel: Ah so Catombs.

Francis: Sisay na bokalista duman?

Eunice: Ah naabutan mo yung Catacombs?

Francis: Oo, naabutan nya. May banda na sya.

Nel: Aki pa ini.

Francis: High school ngani sya nagpuon.

Ares: May tsupon pa..

Nel: Anong event ito? Punkfest.

Francis: Mga taga-Lucena—

Nel: Cabuyao, Libmanan.

Francis: Laguna.

Ares: Gari na mga kondukto

Nel: Saigot, Bariis, Mauyong!

Ares: May saro pa palan, su pinaka… Jesus Cry.

Francis: Ah, saro pa yan, Jesus Cry, tropa kaya. Mako-confuse ka sa Kalbaryo, Jesus Cry, pero mga tropa mi yan.

Nel: Sa scene, sa tugtugan, puro tropa na lang pano ang naga-arampangan. Kaya dae man na… ano yan… Off the record ito ha.

(everybody laughs)

Eunice: O eto, ano yung difference between sa lumang eksena, su kaito, and sa ngana?

Nel: Sakuya nag-boom. Nabistaduhan kami. Bistaduhon si Buboy.

Francis: Hayup…

Nel: Iyo, maski sain sa Naga bistaduhon si Buboy.

Eunice: Puta, metal god, hahaha!

Nel: Dae man, jamming, maurag makisama. (in a teasing tone). Ang dae lang mahali na kikulit-kulit ako kung ano ang pangaran ko, kung sisay pangaran ning gitarista mo?

Francis: Ang hayup!

Nel: Minsan, kikulit ako, agadon ko ngaya su number kang gitarista mo.

Francis: Taramon mo kay Ghie.

Nel: Dae taken na ako mahiling mo sa Facebook taken na ako, engaged. Makapalag ka pa kaan?

Eunice: Magre-report ka pa sa watcher mo.

Francis: (to Ares) Ika, kumpara sa kaito.

Eunice: Oo, su kaito kumpara sa ngana.

Nel: Aw iyu ta nahiling mo na baga kami kang inot. Nasa garapon ka pa e.

Francis: Hahahaha!

Eunice: Fetus? Hahahaha..

Nel: Pipalakaw-lakaw.

Ares: Catacombs nahiling ko na kamo kaito. Idol ko si Nel.

Nel: OOOH!

Francis: Uli na pade!

Eunice: Magkua na kamo kwarto!

Ares: Tapos syempre si Boy.

Francis: Ah, tropa.

Ares: Sa tugtugan, su primero, Kalbaryo. Tropa na, tugang mi na. Sa death metal and thrash death metal kami nag kaka-sorundo nira Nel tsaka Buboy.

Nel: Na-explore. Na-explore talaga.

Francis: Buda dakol syang scene na naduman.

Ares: Kumbaga habang naga-aloy ka gare naga-improve ang skill set mo.

Francis: Matibay ng dati, sabihon ta.

Nel: (in a joking tone) Matibay ng dati nagtitibay-tibayan man giraray ngunyan.

Eunice: Di ba kaito wara pang deathcore?

Ares: Oo.

Francis: Dae man kami naka-deathcore kaito.

Eunice: Tapos ngana igwa na kaan. Yan, iyo, ano masasabi nyo sa mga arog kaan na genre na nagluluwas sa metal ngana?

Nel: Ang ano pano, experimental na tigtaram. Kumbaga, dae man kaming comment sainda. Trip ninda yan e. Kanya-kanyang trip.

Francis: Showbizun ang simbag kang hayup!

Nel: Actually…  walang basagan ng trip.

Francis: Ingaton sa pigsasabi nya.

Nel: Sabi ngani kaito nung naka-engkwentro ko sa Bluecore, para nag-apot ako, ansabi, “daeng basagan brad ki trip!” Aw, di iyu lugod! Dae man, dae na lugod ako makiaram kaan.

Eunice: Sisay yan?

Ares: Blind item.

Francis: Blind item yan.

Nel: Yaon ka duman!

Ares: Off the record.

Eunice: Hahaha! Ano ang goal ning banda ninyo? Wara na ako maisip na apot.

Francis: Goal?

Nel: Para sa banda mi lang, dae man kami nagseryoso totally, ang ano mi lang, jamming, tropa. Hangga’t yaon ang tropa. Dae man kami totally nagpapasiring duman sa goal na kakarirun mi, may kanya-kanya man na priorities.

Francis: Buda dae mi man an kakarirun ta dae mi man an mapeperakan, iyo?

Nel: Sabi ngani kaitong Wow anu man daw ito Buboy tugtog LCC? Maribukon, may babayi man kutang kanta para su lalaki ribukon gasod LCC! Kaya dae man kami ki ano kaiyan. Trip lang. Wara man kaming goal.

Francis: Su mga muya mi lang tugtugon, su mga muya ming kanta.

Eunice: Wara kamo balak mag-gibo ki demo ngaya. Original kompo?

Nel: Dae natutuloy.

Francis: Paratalon.

Nel: Dae natutuloy.

Francis: Sa ngonyan igwa. May ginibo akong mp3.

Ares: Sa ngonyan igwa, processing.

Nel: Processing ang demo ngonyan. Kaya lang kakasounds mi ki arog kaini—

Francis: Mapili na naman kakantahon, natripan ninda. Masipra na naman.

Nel: Masounds kami ning paborito ming banda, pag-once na nagsipra na ako iyan, gari, kumbaga na-set aside so demo na piga-ano mi.

Eunice: Ta igwa na naman may bagong ideya o impluwensya na malaog.

Nel: Iyo ang sala mi. Although dakol ang nagtataram na “puta, men, ano demo na kamo!” Arog kaiyan, pero parang, ang ano mi kaya, wara lang. Sabay kami sa eksena pero dae man kami mataram na poser, ang pigaano mi lang kaito, wara, jamming. Jamming lang.

Francis: Kung gusto mi ngani tugtugon, tutugtugon mi.

Ares: Pero magkakaigwa.

Nel: Mawo-workout kaiyan ang demo.

Eunice: So may demo talaga.

Francis: Igwa na.

Nel: Igwa na totally kaya lang bako pa malinig.

Eunice: Nakapira na kamong OG na kompo?

Francis: Actually wara pa.

Ares: May saro na.

Nel: May saro na sya, pero—

Francis: Dae kaya matapos-tapos.

Ares: I-improve pa.

Nel: I-improve lang. Wara man kaya so mga time so, arog sakuya—

Francis: Manager.

Nel: Bako man.. Taga-kulit lang ako kang costumer na pasaway na habo magbayad. Naaayos ko man syempre ma-depend ang mga kabanda ko sakuya. Yaon sakuya ang riffs e, ang anu yan, bagsakan or ano. Kaya dae man totally na-aano sakuya ta pagkabanggi, irinuman—

Francis: Babayi.

Ares: Alak ang tigsisipra.

Nel: Dae man na babayi, ano lang, straight edge lang sa inom.

Francis: Straight edge lang daa sa inom na hayup.

Eunice: Straight edge.. One to sawa, inistraight.

Nel: Yan, straight talaga. Aram an. So dati kong drummer aram an. Ta pigahapot ko pa iyan, Lindz, kaya mo pa? Dae, hanggang duman lang. Inom, puro inom.

Francis: Puro inom.

Nel: Pagkatapos lugaw, uli, turog. Yun lang ito. (referring to Ghie) Naka-headset yan, Dae nya nadadangog.

Francis and Ares: (speaking with a lisp) Headshet.

Nel: May retainer ngani ako. Ano ba…

Eunice: Paki-alish na nga ng retainer mo.

Nel: Isa lang ang retainer ko kung up and down kaya treinta mil. Kaya kinse lang. Next time na so sa taas.

Eunice: May work ka naman para maka-afford ka ng bagong retainer.

Nel: Hinde eh, nag-iipon tayo.

Eunice: Okay next. Ano ang dream gig nindo?

Francis: Alright, dream gig. Ako ta dae pa man akong pigaisip na arog kaan—

Eunice: Dae man, pantasya lang brad.

Ares: Pantasya lang.

Nel: Para sakuya, gusto ko makaline-up sa Killing Fields.

Francis: Yan, lineup.

Nel: Kase true death metal kami to brutal, trip mi ang tugtugan ninda—

Francis: Oo yan, su lineup duman. Bako man so sadiri ming ano, lineup lang.

Nel: Gusto kong maka-lineup duman sa Killing Fields, na dae man kami na-aware masyado ta ining si Buboy makalwagon, ta parang kinulit so—

Francis: Buntili dyan, buntili duman…

Nel: So ano baga—

Francis: Oho, pigparabuntili..

Nel: Pigparabuntili kang hayup, tinangkas sa lineup.

Francis: Ta sereryosohon mga tawo duman.

Nel: (again, in full joke mode) Sireryosohon ang tama kang mga hayop..

Francis: Puros baga ako karaw, nasa lineup na kuta, ka-buntili buntili buntili hinali sa lineup!

Nel: Sabay usip “padi, hinali kita kang organizer”.

Francis: Pero iyu man, pag nagahirilinagn iribanan man giraray.

Nel: Pero ngonyan, dae man (referring to the gig).

Francis: Nagiulok na lang ako sa pangyayaring ito.

Nel: Hinali kami sa line up. Pero dae man ako nag-ano kaiyan. Walang kaso na yun.

Francis: Saro man kami sa original lineup kang gig.

Nel: Pinaano kami kang event pero original lineup pa yan.

Ares: Sa Metalookalikes, yaon baga kita.

Francis and Nel: Ah yan, yaon kami.

Francis: Ah, laog-laogon ko duman ang organizer.

Nel: Iyo ito, ang point ko duman, gusto ko maka-ano duman sa Maximum Carnage na production.

Francis: Ako dae, maski ano.

Nel: Kase, na-ano ako duman kang Human Mastication, nakalineup mga Down From the Wound, mga pinoy baga. Maurag, nagruluwas na.

Francis: So mga idol mo kaya, saro sa mga muya mo. Muya mo man makasabay. Maski bago arog kaito na production, event. Maka-lineup ta lang sinda.

Nel: Sabi ngani so ano lang, maka-lineup lang.

Eunice: Foreign ngaya.

Francis: Yan! Mas lalo na.

Eunice: Sisay pag foreign?

Francis: One Direction!

Nel: Yan!

Eunice: Hahahaha!

Nel: Ang piga-ano ko man kung puwedeng makalineup ki Enrique Iglesias…

(of course this reply prompted everybody to roll with laughter)

Francis: Puta si Enrique Iglesias baga nagpahali na ki nunal.

Eunice: Hahaha iyo man nanggad? Iyo?

Francis: Nagpahali naman nanggad. On the record yan ah. On the record.

Nel: Naka-lineup naman kami through Manila, kaya lang nasabak kami sa thrash. Although tugtugan mi parang—

Francis: Black baya ito?

Nel: Black thrash. Ang tugtugan harayuon kami. Death metal type kami e.

Eunice: Ano na ngani mga banda duman?

Francis: Infernal Curse.

Nel: Tenebrion—

Francis: Kaya sa foreign may nakasabay na kita.

Nel: Nakasabay man kami sa lineup.

Francis: Saro man ito sa mga na-achieve mi na event.

Nel: Na-achieve man. Ang pinakagusto ko talaga su, syempre, ka-ano mo, ka-genre, iyan na so Maximum Carnage.

Francis: Yung category nindo, yaon kamo duman. So mga halangkaw na banda duman—

Eunice: Makakasabayan nindo.

Francis: Muya mi man mahiling ang urag mi.

Nel: Ang gusto ko na maexperience duman kung ano duman so—

Francis: Papalarin..

Nel: Yan.

Francis: Pagpalarin ng Diyos. Next song?

Nel: (using a creepy voice) May ihahapot ka pa?

Francis: Inday Badiday.. Dae, Inday Garutay.

Eunice: Okay lang saindo na halo ang lineup?

Nel: Daeng problema.

Francis: Okay lang, pero ako nagdedepende na ako ngonyan.

Nel: Oo, depends on.

Francis: Kung gurang ang mahiriling dae kami ma-ano.

Nel: Yah.

Francis: Iyo talaga. Ta syempre sisay man samo ang ma-appreciate, ma-muda lamang kami.

Nel: Saro pa, saro pa ang pinakahabuon ko pa, pay to play. Puta man, pay to play na pigtataram. Mabayad ka, puta. Inimbitaran mo na ngani ako—

Francis: Panigarilyo ngani kaini dae nakabakal.

Nel: Iyo na ngani puro na sana pambuburaot.

Francis: Uragan mo an.

Nel: Kumbaga, ang piga-ano ko man lang, yaon na ngani so presensya ko, pabayadon mo pa ako.. Habo ko kaiyan, saro pa an. Duman kami naga-depend kang haralo-halong genre.

Francis: Saro pa sa habo ko ang igagamit ang pangaran kang banda ko kang sarong production gibuhon na negosyo.

Nel: Pangit yan, habo ko kaiyan.

Francis: Kung gusto magkapirak kang production, tawan man ninda ako ki pirak. Haha, joke lang.

Nel: Yan.

Francis: Iyo talaga. Pangit ang pay to play.

Nel: Iyo iyan ang saro sa mga habo kang Necro kaya habo mi magplay sa mga arog kaiyan.. Sige, banat lang, turugtogan kita. Depende na lang, halimbawa may tropa kami na nag-birthday, o ano pa man, sige. Pero kung arog ngani kaito, pay to play? Maski ngani pay to fuck habo ko kaiyan. Liluyahon na ako mabayad pa ako saimo? Basta pangit. Habo mi kaiyan.

Eunice: Puwede na. Ano, any parting words sa mga followers ninyo? Sa mga gusto magbanda.

Francis: Ano yan?

Eunice: Last words, public service announcement ngaya, relationship advice, bago matapos ining interview.

Francis: Sa mga followers? Igwa na kita kaan?

Nel: Dae man. Ang matataram ko lang dyan, kung talagang desidido ka maging metal, talagang desideran mo. Pangit man panong maging hipokrito, o posero, galling-galingan. Parang, puta haen ka? Mas maray man giraray so talagang pigpupuntok mo so duman ka, talagang UG scene ka, focusan mo lang ito. Pero ang pinakapunto duman, pangit man so discrimination na pigaapod.

Ares: Pero parte yan kaan.

Nel: Tama yan.

Francis: Pag nag-uurag ka, may haters ka.

Eunice: Normal na yan.

Lindy: Maski sain ka magduman, igwa kaan.

Nel: Iyo, yan na ang pinaka-da best na mai-advice. Tas pag nakalaog ka na sa underground scene, dae magdakula ang alimantak mo. Kung ano ka, iyo ka lang. Tamile dakula ka na, na bistado ka na, duminakula so alimantak mo, kanser an. Chemotherapy ang kaipuhan kaan.

Francis: Para sakuya, pag nahiling nindo ako, dae nindo ako i-consider na… ang iba baga, “ay metal ngaya ining hayup.” Rakenrol lang. Mas maurag man giraray ang rakenrol kesa metal.

Lindy: That is the whole point.

Eunice: Yeah, we’re just a buncha happy campers, rocking and a rolling!

Francis: Iyo, rakenrol lang kita.

Nel: Yeah.

Francis: Pero ang banda ko piga-consider ninda na metal, pero pag nahiling ninda ako, ang apod ngani ninda sako sa scene, Necrotic. May mahapot sakuya, titanguan ko lang. Ki-consider nindang, oh metal ngaya. Pero para sakuya dae ninda ako pag-apudon na metal. Rakenrol lang kita.

Ares: Sakuya, simple lang. Simple, sakto lang.

Francis: (referring to Ares) Ining hayup na ini, maurag ini. Malawak ang pagisip kaini sa music.

Ares: So kaya mo gibuhon mo lang. Do your best, simple lang.

Francis: Parehas kang, sa mga dati ming kabanda. Sara Lindy, sa Rae. Itong bahista mi ngonyan, malawag man ang pagisip kaito pagabot sa music.

Nel: Almost 6 years so dati kong drummer buda bahista kaya respeto. May kanya-kanya sindang obligasyon na titaram. Pero itong paaram na ito bako lang sa banda ito. So tropa, yaon man giraray.

Francis: Pag nahiling man baga nindo sa profile pic kang Necrotic, so lineup duman hanggang ngonyan, mahiling nindo yaon sinda sa lineup. Si Rae, si Lindy. Enclosed in parenthesis, on vacation nilaag ko. Ta anytime na may time sinda.

Nel: Dae man kami naghali ki dating drummer tas bahista, yaon ito.

Francis: Kasabay na duman sa ginibo kong page, may ginibo akong description duman. Mga logo, designs, sinarabay ko na, idea ko. Pinagurunan mi man.

Ares: I-endorse mo man sponsor mo.

Francis: Basta sa page mi yaon duman.

Eunice: Aram na ninda kung saen sinda maduman. Okay, iyo na.. Tapos na.

Nel: (doing one of his notorious dramatic voice-acting abilities) Ngonyan, ang hapot ko saimo. Gusto mo man magbanda?

Eunice: Habo. Ahahaha!



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Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon — The Deathless Desire For Metal

Alanis Sanchez

Dark Dungeon @ Metal Induced By Frontline Productions

Dark Dungeon 2014 @ Metal Induced By Frontline Productions

The metal scene in Bicol in the early 90s until the beginning of the 21st century was way more acceptable compared to the scene today, no doubt. For instance, in Tabaco City, home to some of the scene’s pioneers and where the metal music scene was considered as one of the best in Albay, the metal scene back then was genuine. It didn’t matter what you wore to a gig; nobody cared about fame; and people slammed their asses out in complete chaos. But the best part is that there were hardly any posers: only pure metal scene shit.

As the years passed, a new generation was born, and then the scene wasn’t the same anymore. The metal scene today is trashed; filled with youngsters claiming to know everything about the scene but the truth is they have insufficient or no knowledge about it at all, wearing band shirts without a single clue in their “metal” heads about the band, and standing in front of the performing band during a show, which they consider “slamming”, only to show off their oh-so-metal get up. But regardless of the sudden change, there are still a few legit bands present in the local music scene. This includes the band that seems to have no plans of letting their name die, a name that existed even before I did: Dark Dungeon.

Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon at Rock Tabak, 23 June 2014

Dark Dungeon is a metal band from Tabaco City, one that doesn’t want to let their burning passion for playing metal music die out. They make the past 17 years seem as if they went by like the wind. They’ve been on hiatus for three years, but Dark Dungeon is now back in the local music scene with the replacement of some of its members to keep the band alive.

Band members of two other ’90s Tabaco-based metal bands Pantheon and Kulto already had plans of merging their bands. But it was when they discovered Uban’s vocal skills one night after Pantheon’s gig in Sorsogon that they decided to go on with their plan of joining forces. They started playing as Dark Dungeon since then.

“Hindi sya ganon ka’dali i-merge kasi sobra na sa members, pero hindi din sya ganon katagal i-merge. Yung parang bawat napaguusapan or napagdesisyunan maganda ang output. Hindi sya nagbibigay ng conflicts. Yun na nga sabi ko, like si Pad, kailangan nya i’give up yung position nya kasi sobra na sa members. Ako, kinailangan kong i’give up yung pag’gitara kasi ako lang naman yung may alam ng konti sa keyboard kaya from guitar, lipat ako sa keyboard, si Leo drums to rhythm guitar, Remar from Bass to Vocals, Siodian from Vocals to Bass. Timing nung pinaplano namin yung magiging setup, nadiscover namin yung vocal skills ni Uban so pag uwi parang “Ok na tayo. Nakuha na natin yung magiging lead vox natin para sa Cradle of Filth cover.” — Chong.

The merge was made possible by Fernando Cordovales a.k.a. Pad – he was the one who handled the band. Pad was their Roadie, Manager, Motivator, Overall Tech, and their Inventor of the improvised and makeshift equipment needed by the band.

Dark Dungeon Circa 1997

Dark Dungeon Circa 90s, Original Lineup

Dark Dungeon Original Lineup

Dark Dungeon Circa 1997

Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon’s 1st lineup at Bacacay, Albay (late 90s)Dark Dungeon 90s Dark Dungeon 90s 

Dark Dungeon 90s

Dark Dungeon 90s

Siodian Uy, original member

Siodian Uy, original member

The band’s original members were Remar Martirez, Jessel “Uban” Basanta, & Laarni Gonzales (vocals), Benito Obed (lead guitar), Leo Mier (rhythm guitar), Alvin “Chong” Matias, (keyboard), Siodian Uy (bass), and Ryan Buitizon (drums). They were influenced by Slayer, Sepultura, Carcass, Beherit, Early Tiamat, Immortal, Moonspell, Cradle of Filth and Type O Negative. It was Edward Bañez who introduced them to Black Metal. They also got their cassette tapes from his independent obscure label, “Cruel Art Production.”

This lineup raped the crowd’s ears with black fucking metal back in their days – wearing corpse paint, and an inverted cross. It would be awesome though if they brought a fresh and bloody goat head to one of their shows.

Siodian Uy, original member

Benito Obed III, original member

Ryan Buitison, original member

Ryan Buitizon, original member

Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon 90s

Dark Dungeon 90s

Dark Dungeon 90s

Many years have passed and there came the time when they had their own jobs and families, making some of them leave the band to prioritize other things in life. Not wanting to abandon what they have started, Pad motivated everyone to get their shit together and start playing again, and so they did. The band’s lineup after the hiatus consisted of Alvin “Chong” Matias (lead guitar), Emil “Nayr” Deprisa (rhythm guitar), Fernando “Pad” Cordovales (vocals), Elton Philip San Pablo (drums), Cherry Magallon (keyboard), and Christian Magallon (bass). This group was more on Progressive and Melodic Death metal though, but they still kicked ass. But when Elton decided to leave the band to study again, Alvin also ended up with the decision to give himself a break from the band and focus on his job instead.

It wasn’t the end of the band though. They eventually got back together because of an event organized by the Faultine Productions, Higher Ground. They were reunited, performed again onstage, and left the crowd wanting for more.

The band’s current members are Fernando “Pad” Cordovales (lead vocals), Siodian Uy (vocals), Alvin “Chong” Matias (lead guitar), Emil Deprisa (rhythm guitar), Paul Brutas (drums), and Waquin “Waxx” Ko (bass). Playing Melodic Death, Thrash and Death Metal, they were influenced by Cradle of Filth, Slayer, Sepultura, Carcass and Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nevermore, Arch Enemy and Kreator.

They don’t usually stick to one genre of music when choosing a song to cover but they always had the passion to play Melodic Death. After more than ten years of covering songs, the band had their first original composition written by Philam Odonio in 2009 entitled “Soundness,” followed by their 2nd composition, “Cosmic Man” in 2011. Dark Dungeon is part of three music organizations, The Faultine Productions, Icebox Productions, and Hopeless Culture Productions. Although they have good exposure, ultimately plays music for expression and for sharing with other music enthusiasts. Playing for fame comes secondary if at all.

“We do not seek fame. Makatugtog lang, okay na. May mga regular jobs na kami. Pag nagpa’gig, okay nang umabsent sa trabaho maka’tugtog lang. Ok lang.” – Chong

The band shares that their music-making process is exhausting. For instance, they are unable to rehearse even with just one band member missing. But despite encountering such difficulties, they are still always able to pull off powerful and skillful performances.

Alvin "Chong" Matias

Alvin “Chong” Matias Jr.

With so much experience at being in a band, Chong, Pad, and Paul each gave their advice for the newbies in the local music scene:

“Kung ano trip mo, yun ang sundin mo. Dae ka magpadara kung napipiritan ka. Invest skill. Enjoy. Rock on!” – Chong

“Deretsuhon mo sana ang pagtugtog. Ta kung dae mo dineretso, mawawara ka sa scene.” – Pad

“Enjoy lang sa tggigibo mo. Basta nage-enjoy ka.” – Paul

So what’s the difference between becoming history and making history? Take it from Dark Dungeon: a mix of embracing your passion for music, working hard to improve your musicianship, and supporting the Bicol music scene.

Fernando “Pad” Cordovales

Fernando “Pad” Cordovales

“Enjoy lang sa tiggigibo mo. Basta nag-eenjoy ka.” – Paul

Paul Brutas

Paul Brutas.

Words From Dark Dungeon

What’s the origin of your band’s name? Have you changed it before? Why?
Chong: Dark Dungeon is composed of two bands; Pantheon and Kulto. We decided to bring the two bands as one. No, we did not change the name.

How did the band form?
Chong: We merged the two bands.

Who are the other band members and what respective instruments do they play?
Chong: Me on Lead Guitars, Pad on Lead Vocals, Paul on Drums, Emil on Rhythm Guitar, Waxx on Bass, and Siodian Uy on Vocals.

What’s your band’s genre? Who are your major influences?
Chong: Melodic Death (present) Thrash ( 1996; day 1 before merging)
Pad: Cradle of Filth. Slayer. Sepultura. Carcass. Dream Theater.

When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?
Chong: 1997.
Pad: Kaka’sounds ng Dream Theater at sa iba pang influences, nakagawa kami ng sarili naming composition, and because of the skills we have.

Do you have original recordings? Are you a member of music organizations?
Chong: Wala pa. Yes, Faultine ProductionsIcebox Productions, and The Gathering Prod.

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
Chong: Everyone contributes.
Pad: Our main topic in our songs is Tragedy. He wants to kill his lover (Soundness 2009), and a Powerful Being ( Cosmic Man 2011)

Why did you stick to that certain topic in writing lyrics?
Chong: Nilapat lang sa music.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?
Chong: Mapagalon. Di kami makatugtog kung wala ang isa.

Describe your gigs, visually and musically.
Chong: Visually: wasak, powerful. Musically: heavy, skilled.

What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Do you seek fame and fortune?
Chong: To make a new compo and record it but with a different bagsak. We do not seek fame. Makatugtog lang, okay na. At may mga regular jobs na kami. Pag nagpa’gig, okay nang umabsent sa trabaho, maka’tugtog lang. Ok lang.

What pieces of advice can you give to bands that just recently emerged from the local music scene?
Chong: Kung ano trip mo, ‘yun ang sundin mo. Dae ka magpadara kung napipiritan ka. Invest on skill. Enjoy. Rock on!
Pad: Deretsuhon mo sana ang pagtugtog. Ta kung dae mo dineretso, mawawara ka sa scene.
Paul: Enjoy lang sa tiggigibo mo. Basta nage-enjoy ka.

Have you played shows with a renowned artist?
Chong: Yes, with Parokya ni Edgar at Albay Astrodome way back in 1998.

How do you differ from the other bands?
Chong: We are more guitar-based. And we like progression.

Anything else you want to share?
Chong & Pad: Support the metal scene in Bicol.

Dark Dungeon Original lineup
Benito ( lead guitar ), Leo ( rhythm ), Laarni ( vocals ), Chong ( keyboard ), Siodian ( bass ), Uban ( vocals), reymar ( vocals ), ryan ( drums )

2nd lineup
Chong ( lead guitar ), emil ( rhythm ), pad ( vocals ), Elton ( drums ), che ( keyboard ), Christian ( bass )

3rd lineup
Chong ( lead guitar ), emil ( rhythm ), pad ( vocals ), paul ( drums ), waxx ( bass )

Photo Credits: Dark Dungeon Original Lineup Photos, Benito Obed III

About The Author
Alanis Sanchez is a Journalism student of Bicol University. This friendly asshole from Tabaco City loves listening to metal music (and teaches herself how to play the drums while she’s at it), enjoys breaking rules and making trouble. If something’s prohibited or illegal, she’d probably still do it anyway. Other than being a noisy and reckless pain in the ass, she spends some of her time chilling; reading novels, drinking coffee, and finding more trouble. You can also message her at Facebook.