Experience The Roots And Radicals Of Albay

Karastahan Header

An arts and culture magazine of Albay’s subculture. Its primary form will be print. We might not have the financial means but we have the passion to make it happen. First issue might come out January 2015 but we’ll keep this site updated so you can regularly read about individuals and groups who care about the other side of Albay’s arts and culture. Karastahan because we ignite each other’s passion.

Like it is for musicians, poets, tattoo artists, skateboarders, cosplayers,  straightedge, skinheads, punks, barflies, metals. bohemians, hipsters. It exists to let the world know about the people that make Albay a more splendid place.

There should be a marriage of the roots and the radicals in order for a culture to thrive. We can’t remain the same forever, yet there should be growth.


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