A Wickedly Tasteful Delight to the Sight and the other Senses



SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

An ordinary night for some but an extraordinary night of art, music. and friendship for others.

With the grand opening night of ATOT FOR A THOUGHT, Fartworks by Jopermeister Red, people experienced a wickedly tasteful delight to the senses.

Atot For Atot Poster

Atot For A Thought Poster

ATOT FOR A THOUGHT is a collection of artworks by Jopermeister Red. The artist (born Joper John Ofrasio, Legazpi City) coined the term “fartworks” comparing art as ideas/concepts that once let out may have a certain effect on people.

Joper with his fartworks

Joper with his fartworks

According to Jopermeister:

“iba’t-iba ang reaksyon na matatanggap mo, may matatawa, may maiinis, may patay malisya, etc. For every action there is a reaction, and with my fartworks, it’s something na sa unang tingin mo e simpleng drawing lang but after seeing them, may something smelling pala sa illustrations that will stir their thoughts.”

The said art exhibit depicts everything about life in general. The fartworks presented themes, which include peace, love, empathy, and enlightenment. Fartworks, according to this multimedia artist, is not a boxed idea, a cornered room, or a solidified law. It is instead an open area that asks the person gazing to stir their thoughts.

Jopermeister Red hopes that through his art, others may silently yet deadly release their own fartworks as well. He is very grateful that his creative works have an impact to the Albay art scene, one he considers a “Sleeping Lion.”

The ATOT FOR A THOUGHT Art Exhibit, displayed at The Thinking Cup (one of the best hangouts for bookworms here in Albay) opened last September 27, 2014. Those who attended the event got the first dibs on the amazing fartworks (which were put up for sale, by the way) and were also treated to chill unplugged music featuring some Bicol X bands namely One Hour Recover, Mic Berdin of College Format, and 32-20 Barrel Blues.

Joper and Ryan of One Hour Recover

Joper and Ryan of One Hour Recover

Aside from the acoustic performances, the event also featured tattoo sessions with renowned Bicolano tattoo artist, Argie Granadillos, and poetry reading from Frederick Maurice Lim and Christopher “Yatoy” Carretas.

Frederick recites poetry, Serafin Timog accompanies him

Frederick recites poetry, Serafin Timog accompanies him

Argie Granadillos doing his thing

Argie Granadillos doing his thing

Topping off the night is the bonfire after party enjoyed by fellow guests and art enthusiasts.
Everyone who came to support the exhibit got more than the visual rollercoaster they were hoping for. They all definitely experienced the tasteful delight brought about by the great works of a passionate Albayano artist, poets and musicians.

ATOT FOR A THOUGHT: Fartworks by Jopermeister Red ran through the whole month of October at The Thinking Cup. We hope this exhibit will jumpstart more art exhibits in support of Albayano artists who deserve to be recognized for their talent and passion.

About The Artist
“Joper is all about expressing himself. He is a visual artist, individualist, songwriter, punk, art director, production designer, and filmmaker. He also is a member of various bands – XIV, Sardines From Mars, and Jack in the Box. He is one of the brains behind Bicol X and also the sole creative guru of EZKill Clothing. He believes in peace, love, empathy, and enlightenment. For Joper, all it takes to make him happy is cheese, sili, and coffee. Not necessarily in that order.”

About the Author
KRISSA J. RECUENCO aka KELLY works as a radio jock for 94.7 SPIRITFM LEGAZPI. She is an event host, a music enthusiast, freelance online content writer, and an events coordinator. A self-proclaimed mutant (being a Marvel kid) her powers include eating nonstop at Hepa Lane and enjoying days of movie and series marathons. While we’re at the subject, she is an obsessed follower of the TV shows The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and the anime Slamdunk. She loves dolphins, rainbows, Keanu Reeves and crispy isaw. You can contact Krissa at her Facebook.

Editors note: If you’re interested at Joper’s art, feel free to contact Ezkill.

Fartworks on Display

Fartworks on Display


Joper with his Fartworks

Joper with his Fartworks


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