Djai Tanji

Djai Tanji, Behind Her Arts and Doodles

Djai Tanji,

Behind Her Arts and Doodles

Marisse Francia-Santos

From paintings on canvas to framed doodles to customized crafts to whatever crazy creative idea you have in mind, Djai Tanji can do anything and each artwork of hers screams, “Djai!” What makes up the style of this artist who hails from Albay is sexy whimsical- the trademark of this brand she has given to her pieces, “Djai’s Arts and Doodles,” which was brought forth upon her decision to become a full-time artist early in 2014.

I know not much about this up and coming full-time artist in the Albay scene. Don’t get disappointed just yet though. As the title says it, this article will dish out the details on the lady behind the arts and doodles. It won’t be a novel-like tale. However, it’s just enough to satisfy the lust and reach the orgasm of your interest.

Now, enough with the teasing and let’s unravel what’s behind the sheets… Err… Scenes of Djai’s Arts and Doodles. I’ve been able to hang out with her a couple of times already as I’ve happened to chance upon her in certain events and because of connections with certain people. Although those times I’ve spent with her were just brief, I was able to get a preview of who Djai is: loud, expressive, quirky, and let’s not forget, with much emphasis, sexual. Pardon the cliché I’m about to say but as I’ve noticed, it’s true with Djai that this girl just wants to have fun. She’s always up for the jamming, she’s very sociable, she’ll chat up about anything as she’s very talkative, and she would always be cracking jokes which oftentimes are green-minded.

But before we move on, let’s have a slight transition from the sexual content, for you might mistake this for an FHM article… This is in fact a magazine about Bicol’s roots and radicals. There is one thing I find admirable about this lady that not only artists should look up to and emulate, but also even anyone out there who has a dream they wish to pursue. It’s her great determination and perseverance to achieve her dream to become a full-time artist.

Before becoming a full-time artist, she used to be an IT Service Desk Analyst and also tried a few years in the BPO industry. She was faced with the dilemma of choosing between her office job and her passion, art. It was a tough decision for her because she had to consider some factors. One is salary. In her previous office job, she had a stable salary of which she was sure how much she is going to receive and when; but with being a full-time artist, income is commission based. Another is her family, her especially her four kids, which she has to support financially. There is also the challenge of leaving her comfort zone – she was up for a great change in her career. In the end, it was her passion that prevailed. Though it was a risky choice, it was worth it. And it led her to where she is now and what she has accomplished as a full-time artist.

So that’s what I can say about Djai. You can get to know her even more in this sex and humor ridden Q and A portion below. I didn’t intend it to be that way. It’s just how she answered it that made it that way. Read on and enjoy.

There’s no one like Djai Tanji
Djai Tanji

Djai Tanji

Marisse: Since when did your passion for art begin?

Djai: I started imitating drawings I liked from books way back in Grade school. I guess it all started there. I was terribly addicted to drawing, doodling, coloring and all that. Eh addictive and obsessive personality ako. With that, my obsession for art got the better of me. My hands grew a brain of its own and were unstoppable from then on.

Marisse: When did you realize that to be an artist is the profession you want to pursue?

Djai: Ever since I started daydreaming, it has been my dream to have a job where I can create whatever I want. Just like in creating a baby, masarap talaga mag-create ng concept into an artwork.

Marisse: Aside from being an artist, did you have any jobs before?

Djai: IT Servicedesk Analyst. Also tried a few years in the BPO industry. Giving up my office job and deciding to go full-time on art was a gamble. But as my artistic journey proves to be as nerve-wracking as it is, it sends off a gratifying convulsion all over my body which keeps me on my peak. As hypothetical as this may sound, such feeling seems to satisfy me more than any man could. It’s like a never-ending multiple orgasm. How can anything compare to that?

Marisse: When did you start your art business?

Djai: Upon the beginning of 2014.

Marisse: When did you decide to be a full-time artist?

Djai: When I felt like I’m already slacking off at the office because I was too preoccupied with the artworks I needed to do. I’d get easily burned out because all I really wanted to do was draw and paint.

Marisse: What kinds of art do you normally do?

Djai: Sexy Whimsical.

Marisse: What was your first artwork that you sold?

Djai: 3 paintings for a client in Virginia USA. (Mayon, flower and owl)

Marisse: What kinds of art are you selling?

Djai: Commissioned paintings and murals.

Marisse: How’s business right now?

Djai: Pretty darn good. I like it when I’m busy. I feel sexy. Ha ha.

Marisse: Do you have regular customers?

Djai: Oh yes, parang G.R.O. lang haha. May regular booking.

Marisse: Is it hard to be an artist?

Djai: Hard na masarap. Lahat ng hard naman talaga ay masarap. Mahirap sa una kasi nga hard, pero ‘pag nakapa mo na, yummy sa pakiramdam. Orgasmic. Toe curling. Rawr.

Marisse: Can you please share your experiences on how you started as an artist and how you became renowned in the art industry?

Djai: Grabe! Hindi pa naman renowned. Marami pa akong kakainin na…hard… para umabot sa ganong level. As an artist kasi first, dapat you have a style of your own. Signature look, kumbaga. Isang tingin pa lang, alam na iyo ang artwork. That’s very important sa mundo ng art at ayun usually ang hinahanap ng art collectors.

Artists and other people in the business would always advise me to pursue this passion and career because I have a style of my own daw so ayun, kinarir ko na. Practice din dapat to the next level ang drama. Walang humpay na praktis. And every painting you create, may madedevelop ka sa skill mo.

Marisse: You’re also an apprentice for Argie Granadillos, since when did you start apprenticing for him and when did you start tattooing?

Djai: Nung naging crush ko sya, that’s when I started apprenticing. Hitting two birds with a stone eh. Naimprove ko na tattoo skills ko, nakatsansing pa kay Papa Argie. Pero hindi naman kami nadevelop kasi hindi nya siguro ako bet. Na-overwhlem yata sa boobs ko. Wait, are we still talking about tattoos here? Anyway, I started pa-tsamba tattoo back in 2006 I think. Masarap magtattoo eh… at hard. Again, hard na masarap.

Marisse: Are there any artists you idolize whether local or foreign?

Djai: Si Daomingsi lang talaga.

Marisse: What’s your message or advice to aspiring artists?

Djai: Make art like you’re making love. Ilabas mo ang landi mo sa pagpinta. Isagad mo nang paulit-ulit hanggang sa mahanap mo ang G-spot ng creativity mo. At pagsukdulan ka na ng confidence, pag alam mong THIS IS IT pansit, kapag sure kang ‘yan na talaga ang istilo mo, IPUTOK MO! Bukake, kumbaga. Share para mag-spread.

Kusang lalapit din sa iyo mga cliente and big people in the art business kapag nakita nilang you’re really passionate about creating your art. If you have a long term goal and hindi lang ito hobby hobby for you, clients might be willing to invest sa mga creations mo.

Some of Djai’s Artworks

Djai Tanji Art

Djai Tanji Art

Djai Tanji Art


Djai Tanji Art

Djai Tanji aRT

Djai Tanji Art

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