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Djai Tanji

Two years ago, in the midst of late night shifts and strategic motherhood shticks, a private message in FB popped up. The dude was initiating a gabfest regarding tattoos and showed a hint of fascination on my artistry. His name I reckoned was familiar yet his intention was quite vague. Little did I know that our riveting short chats would lead to apprenticeship, random night outs, and countless slices of pizza.

Turned out he was the tiny boy Argie I knew way back in elementary. We were actually batchmates in BUCELS and if there would be more spaces on this article, I can possibly write another paragraph or two only to relay a fateful version of our grade school shenanigans filled with pubescent banters and love teams. Yet 15 years after we met again and I almost failed to recognize him. Who would?

From being an awkward school punk he morphed into this unruffled artist with a killer tattooing knack he’s liberally sharing to beginners like me. In fact, one thing I genuinely appreciate and admire about him is his willingness to share the flair he’s hooked up with – body inks.

Without hesitation and much patience he would readily teach me the necessities, techniques, and systematic drills in tattooing which he gruelingly earned and acquired himself. That’s something uncommon among other tattoo artists, mind you.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that Argie Granadillos is not just some tattooed guy with tattooing skills but he is rather an out-and-out artist who’s trying to master the art behind tattoos. There is a remarkable difference with that, fyi.

Get to know my big crush and you won’t ever wonder again why I chose to be his tattoo apprentice. Ladies and gentlemen, my “master”…

The Master Argie Granadillos

Djai: Hi Master. Missed me?

Argie: Hi, hu u? Haha

Djai: How honest are you?
Argie: 98%!? ..not

Djai: Kelan first attempt mo mag-tattoo at sino na-devirginize mo?
Argie: First attempt was on my leg, second was on a friend’s arm, mga duwang pulgadang linya. I just gave it a try at first.

Djai: Ano pumasok sa isip mo at bakit mo naisipan?
Argie: Naisipan ang arin?

Djai: How did you develop your tattooing skills? Pano mo inaral?
Argie: Practice, practice… I learned by watching other artists tattoo their clients, watching videos, build my own tattoo machine. Research and tattoo. Forums (Tattoo Power).

Djai: Nag-apprentice ka ba? Kanino at bakit sa kanya?
Argie: Nope, I was self- taught. Pero i did have a regular spot at Inkcentric Recto with Oman Daluz, ako yung regular na laging wala. Hahaha, dun nagbago ang lahat. Mas tumalas, naging matikas, mas naging manyakis ako. Upgrade nga daw sabi ng kuya Oman ko.

Djai: Alam ko maraming katawan na ang natira mo…but do you also draw or paint on canvas/paper?
Argie: I used to draw a lot noong college days kasi required. Hehe. Paint when i feel to paint… may mga paintings ako before pero i end up tearing them apart 🙂

Djai: San ka pa magaling? (pwera sa kama)
Argie: Ehem.. You ha, don’t me.

Djai: Are you affiliated to any tattoo group? If not, why do you think Selfie works better for you?
Argie: I have NO affiliation with any tattoo group/s or whatever they call themselves.
I think it’s better to stand on your own and build yourself than to be in a group that will eventually pull you down.

Djai: Hello po mag-iinquire lang po, how much magpa-tattoo?” What other online inquiries or statement about tattooing pisses you off?
Argie: hahahaha. These:
Magkanu po magpa-ink?
Ano po ink gamit nyo?
Masakit po ba magpa-tattoo?
Ano po magandang design?
Ang mahal naman, bakit sa iba 500 lang?

Djai: Maiba tayo. Malapit na Valentines kaya…What is love?
Argie: Love is the most powerful thing in the whole wide world. Hahaha.

Djai: What did your family think about you getting into the tattoo business?
Argie: Growing up in a family of uniformed men is tough ( potah dapat engles?) hehe, mahirap lalo na nung una kasi they only think that it’ll only lead me to a wrong turn. Mahirap sila i-convince na eto ako, ito ang gusto ko gawin.

Tattoo has a very bad reputation in our society, they always lace tattoos into drugs, crimes, and a lot more, like when one of my uncles saw my tattoos for the first time said, “baka nag da-drugs ka na!?

Djai:  Anong trip na trip mo sa pagta-tattoo? Bakit mo sya kinarir?
Argie: Tattoo is a never ending process, you never stop learning. Each day you learn something totally new to you. Your client gives you the idea of what he/she would like to have then you do your part in rendering those thoughts into their skin which they’ll have for the rest of their lives. You do your research every time you work on a design/study for your client.

Djai: Anong message mo to someone wishing to get into the tattoo business?
Argie: If you’re business minded, quit already.

Djai: So far, may favorite ka ba or tattoo na ginawa you are mostly proud of?
Argie: Every single tattoo I did is a favorite. Siguro those tattoos i made to foreign nationals kasi i may not be able to travel or go to places outside of the pacific but at least my artwork does hehe. And those people who remain as my friends even if i got to meet them just for the first time.

Djai: If you could describe your art/style in tattooing, what would it be?
Argie: Sa ngayon I got this style that has bold and thin lines (Traditional Americana) that i know will hold longer than those styles around and I apply them whenever I do Japanese, black and gray, or other styles of tattoo.

Djai: Can you share you best practices or techniques in tattooing?
Argie: Do your homework.

Djai: Do you want to do this for the rest of your life?
Argie: Yes.

Djai: May estimate ka ba kung ilan na mga nabiktima mo?
Argie: Wala.

Djai: Ang tattoo… masakit ba na masarap o masarap na masakit?
Argie: parang gatas na choco, lasang choco na gatas.

Djai: In your observation, ano ang top 3 body parts na lagi pinapatatuan?
Argie: Upper arm, back, wrist.

Djai: Kahit nognog ka, bakit ang cute mo?
Argie: Di ba sabi ko walang math equations sa interview?

Djai: Alam mo bang crush kita?
Argie: What’s your name again? =P

Some Skin Art From The Master

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